Anthony Valinoti is the proprietor of DeLuca’s Pizzeria, the home of authentic, Napoletana, brick oven pizza, in beautiful downtown Hot Springs, Arkansas. A native of Brooklyn, NY,  Anthony, after living in several other cities, fell in love with Hot Springs and decided to make it his home. He found that he missed his home-town pizza, though, and opened his restaurant which is his passion. DeLuca was his grandfather’s name who he honors by naming the restaurant after him.

DeLuca’s Pizzeria celebrated its 3rd year in November! Located on historic Park Ave., DeLuca’s Pizzeria has become a popular restaurant for locals and tourists alike. People say they are made to feel like family when they walk through the door. Anthony is a stickler for quality. So be assured, he chooses only the finest ingredients for his Anthony Valinoti making pizzaspecialty, Napoletana pizzas. He uses such items as hand-crushed tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, parmigiana & reggiano cheese, fresh basil and arugula, portabello and shitake mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil, Capocollo, smoked pork shoulder with Italian seasoning, Busetto Brothers spicy soppressata, and other exceptional ingredients.

The restaurant menu has a great beer and wine selection, as well as, home-made Italian desserts such as cannolis. You can order an espresso, too.

Arkansas Times recently featured a raving review of DeLuca’s Pizzeria. Louise Williams wrote:

After making my selection from the menu, and a very short wait, my server placed the pie on my table. This thing was like a work of art. A rainbow of colors, red, orange, white, and green. Pepperoni, onions, cherry tomatoes, shiitake mushrooms and fresh basil. I wasn’t sure if I should eat it or frame it. 

The first bite made me realize this is what real pizza is. For those old enough to remember Pop Rocks candy, the candy that would pop and crack in your mouth, the sensation was the same. Only this time, instead of sweet candy flavor, what “popped” was the basil, the sauce, the fresh tomatoes and mushrooms, and the spicy pepperoni. The thin crust had a crisp texture to it, but a little chewy at the same time, very enjoyable. Everything has a flavor all its own, but it all comes together to make a flavor unlike any pizza I’ve had. Now, you might say that this reaction was due to it being my first visit, but I assure you, the reaction is the same on every visit, and there have been many, with many more still to come.”

Arrange to have dinner at DeLuca’s Pizzeria to experience this delectable pizza for yourself that has received high ratings from very happy customers. Read some more testimonies in the sidebar.

Each pizza is made by hand by Anthony himself, fresh everyday, in limited quantities. Order early to reserve your pizza for the evening.

Anthony and his staff look forward to meeting you and being your hosts. The restaurant is open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and closed the other days of the week.  DeLuca’s Pizzeria is located at 407 Park Ave, Hot Springs, AR 71901. Call them to order take-out. See you there. (Restaurant details are in the side-bar.)

Call 501-609-9002
If you are on mobile, just tap the phone number to order your pizza.

Anthony Valinoti

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